Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Angels Don't Sleep Here"

I know, I know – I said I was on hiatus.

But I also said that I’d pop up from time to time when there was something of interest.

How was I to know the very first weekend I’d be on hiatus there’d be a movie of interest?

This Sunday, Channel 7 is running “Angels Don’t Sleep Here.” It stars one of my all-time favorites, Robert Patrick. He’s had a wonderful career as a character actor. He’s mostly been in action-oriented films playing people on either side of the law, but he has managed a few choice roles in romantic comedies and serious dramas, too.

But that’s not what you’ve come to the Landfill for. No, you’ve come to hear yours truly, The Phantom remind you that Robert Patrick is the ultra-cool co-star of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” playing the T-1000 robot determined to incinerate Ahnuld’s original model. If you don’t know Patrick from that (and really, you’d have to be living under a rock not to), then you know him for his lead role of Agent John Doggett in the last two seasons of “X-Files.”

So, Patrick is one of those journeyman actors who likes to work. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re okay with the fact that you’ll often be showing up in direct-to-cable or direct-to-video projects alongside the higher profile roles. And if you stick around long enough, those higher profile roles come back around to you (as I recently mentioned, Eric Roberts toiled in a bunch of DTV dreck but can now be seen on the big screen in a great role in the film of the year, “The Dark Knight.”)

Unfortunately, based on the imdb user comments for “Angels Don’t Sleep Here,” it appears to be from the “dreck” category. But Patrick is always fun to watch, even in dreck.

Check Robert Patrick out in this quick clip from “Angels Don’t Sleep Here”:

Or watch the entire movie on WABC-TV Channel 7 on Sunday, August 24th, 2008 at 11:35 PM... if you dare!



Oh, I forgot to mention that this film co-stars the late, great Roy Scheider. He had a varied career, too, but of course is most well-known as Chief Brody in the seminal summertime classic, "Jaws."

Robin (A Dogg Person) said...

I think Robert Patrick was the only saving grace to this movie.

If anyone would like to see some of what Robert Patrick has done please go to:

And my You Tube Site is also dedicated to Robert Patrick and where you will find the clip in this blog:

Hope you will enjoy.

(A Dogg Person)

Don't forget he stars in the CBS show The Unit.

mrsdoggett said...

I own the "ANGELS DON'T SLEEP HERE" on DVD and I will still be watching on WABC-7 on Sunday night!

Robert Patrick is just FANTASTIC in anything he does!!!