Wednesday, February 27, 2008

“Sol Goode”

QUESTION: Is it possible that a Late Nite Landfill fictional film about party people spending most of their time in an inebriated state, making foolish choices, acting stupidly and having irresponsible sex can be just as bad or perhaps even worse than our previous entry – the documentary, “The Real Cancun?”

ANSWER: If the trailer to “Sol Goode” is any indication, apparently so!

The main players are a veritable who’s who of the “direct-to-video” industry. Balthazar Getty – has he ever been the lead in an “A” picture? And silicone-enhanced Carmen Elektra and Tori Spelling as bimbo-ed up versions of Betty and Veronica who might be at home working at the Pussycat Doll Café.

Someone named Danny Comden’s “Cooper” character gets good notices in the “User Comments” on, but I’ve never heard of him... and his character sounds very “been there, seen that” to me. Turns out he directed the film, too… guess he was his own first choice for the typical sex comedy’s clichéd Spicoli/Kramer/Dude hodge-podge.

Despite those demerits in the top slots, there are some game supporting performers in this – Cheri Oteri is almost always funny, attractive and usually gives 150%. Jason Bateman is a genius in my opinion. Robert Wagner has perfected a wonderful self-parody of himself for at least the past 15 years. His step-daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner does a turn here as well. Jamie Kennedy’s career has overall been a mixed-bag, but I give him points for trying different things and not being so predictable. But the problem is, unlike our DVR, DVD and VHS players, broadcast TV has no fast-forward button. I’m not sure I want to trade in my sleep to find out if these troopers put in good work here.

In the end, despite the inevitable redemption this story may offer, it’s evident from the trailer that this is pretty much an R-rated, raunchy “Ferris Beuller.” If forcing yourself to stay awake for fart, vomit and sex jokes is your thing, dig in.

Watch the trailer here (WARNING: The following trailer contains [im]mature subject matter):

Or view the entire movie this Sunday, March 2nd on NYC’S WABC-TV Channel 7 at 11:35 PM… if you dare!

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